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Fabrication Shop

At Bridges Equipment, our expertise and our fully equipped fabrication shop make us the go-to custom fabrication resource for oil and gas clients around the world. Our fabrication plant has the capability to manage the large equipment, including drawworks, mud pumps and even complete rigs. Our lifting capacity, painting equipment, fabrication areas, and welding machines can produce custom equipment built to the highest industry standards. Our clients depend on us for:

  • Water tanks
  • Dog houses
  • Mud pits
  • Complete rigs

Drawworks Manufacturing

After decades of servicing and repairing oil and gas equipment, we have a unique understanding of why certain components fail. After studying the failures of other manufacturers’ equipment, Bridges introduced its own line of drawworks to the market as a more robust, longer-lasting and easier to service and repair alternative. Learn more about our drawworks.

Pump Unitization

Bridges Equipment is the industry leader in the unitization of triplex mud pumps. As an OEM distributor for Caterpillar Rig Power, Detroit Diesel, and Joliet motors, we provide our customers with a wide range of options to meet their pump needs. We provide:

  • Power options to suit customers’ preference
  • Extensive knowledge of application
  • Dedicated facilities for custom pump unitization built to customer’s specifications
  • Complete aftermarket backup and support

Learn more about pump unitization.

Custom Water Tanks and Mud Pits

Bridges Equipment uses its extensive fabrication facilities to manufacture water tanks, dog houses, and other supportive applications for our oil and gas drilling customers. We also manufacture custom mud pits.

Complete Rigs

Bridges Equipment is known for delivering complete, reliable rigs with all the equipment and components necessary for a fully operational drilling operation.

One-Stop Fabrication Shop

Our complete fabrication capabilities are one of the components that makes Bridges Equipment the “one-stop-shop” for all your rig equipment, from the complete rig to all the supporting and auxiliary equipment. And with more than 35 years of experience serving clients around the world, you can trust Bridges to provide speed, service and quality every time.

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