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Geothermal Drilling

Geothermal drilling is an exciting new field of energy production. As individuals and businesses warm to the incredible advances that allow us to harness the heat of the earth’s core, the demand for geothermal well drilling has skyrocketed.

We have a wide variety of refurbished and rebuilt geothermal drilling equipment and complete geothermal drilling rigs for sale to help you succeed in this quickly-growing industry!

Reliable rebuilt equipment for geothermal well drilling

Rebuilt geothermal drilling equipment offers the opportunity to get top-grade American-made geothermal drilling rigs for sale at an incredible value. But while some geothermal drilling equipment suppliers are content to sell you an old drilling rig with a fresh coat of paint, we aren’t.

Beyond OEM Standards

Geothermal drilling demands precision equipment. When you buy a geothermal drilling rig from us, you know it has been completely rebuilt to OEM standards, and that it will exceed the highest standards of safety, performance, and quality.

Fully Customized Geothermal Drilling Rigs

Our huge inventory and complete on-site manufacturing capabilities allow us to customize your geothermal drilling rig to your specific requirements. Need your equipment painted to match your branding on a high-visibility work site? We can do that.

Backed by 35 Years of Experience

When you buy from Bridges Equipment, you get the expertise that can only come with more than 35 years of experience. 

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