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Machine Shop

An expertly staffed and equipped machine shop

Our machine shop is expertly staffed and equipped to handle the large components that are the backbone of oil and gas field equipment, and clients worldwide have come to rely on us for service, repairs and custom manufacturing of oil and gas equipment.

Repair your oil and gas equipment

Keep your equipment in the field longer. Few operations have invested as much as Bridges Equipment in their repair facilities. Our machine shop is equipped with the vertical and horizontal lathes, mills, boring equipment, and gear cutting required to repair existing components or manufacture new equipment.

Our two supply stores are equipped with the wearable parts that most often need to be replaced. And because we do everything in-house, you can expect some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Combined with nearly four decades of CNC experience and expertise, it’s easy to see why Bridges is an industry leader in repair to the oil and gas industry.

Refurbish and rebuild

Don’t settle for a fresh coat of paint on a worn-out part. Bridges Equipment’s machine shop allows us to rebuild equipment from the ground up, completely disassembling the parts, replacing wearable components, and testing to ensure that everything meets or exceeds OEM standards, ensuring long life in the field.

35 years of expertise

Bridges Equipment has more than 35 years of expertise servicing and repairing oil and natural gas equipment for our clients in the Permian Basin and oilfields across the globe.

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