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We determined early on that to provide the best possible service to our customers we needed to bring engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities in-house. Today, our 100-acre repair and manufacturing facility in Odessa, TX has all the fabrication, machining, and engineering resources to meet your demands.

Refurbish or rebuild

Bridges Equipment’s fabrication facilities are equipped and staffed with the resources and expertise to cut, weld, assemble, paint and test equipment for repair and overhaul.

  • Refurbished Equipment – While some suppliers are satisfied with just a fresh coat of paint, all of our refurbished equipment is repaired and tested to OEM standards.
  • Rebuilt Equipment – We rebuild equipment from the ground up, completely disassembling the components, replacing bearings and other parts prone to wear, and testing to ensure that everything leaves the shop working better than the day it rolled off the factory floor.

Custom fabrication

Our clients worldwide have grown to rely on our customized machining facility for oil and gas field equipment.

  • Water tanks
  • Dog houses
  • Mud pits
  • Complete rigs

Reverse engineering

Need a hard-to-find or out-of-production part to keep your old rig running? Using our 3D computer design and machine tooling resources, we can reverse-engineer vital components no longer supported by the original manufacturer. This offers the following advantages:

  • Keep otherwise fully operational equipment in service
  • Reduce downtime spent searching for required components
  • Extend equipment life
  • Provide an economical service solution

Bridges Equipment is your one-stop machine shop for oil and gas equipment. Call us to find out what our engineers can do for you.

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