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You depend on your drawworks to safely and reliably move hundreds of thousands of pounds of steel downhole. A failed drawworks can disrupt your operation, costing you wasted hours and budget. And, it can be incredibly dangerous. Your crew and your project deserve more.

Bridges Equipment’s proprietary drawworks are the only drawworks in the industry built on more than 35 years of oil and natural gas drilling experience.

The only drawworks built on experience

Our experience has shown us what works and what doesn’t, and after years of repairing, remanufacturing, and servicing drawworks, we understand which components are most likely to fail, and why. Leveraging this knowledge, we improved upon existing designs.

Bridges Equipment’s proprietary drawworks are engineered to hold up to the rigorous requirements of the industry.

  • Transmission shafts designed for greater longevity and functionality
  • 7-inch drum shaft at the main bearing and heavy duty drum core provide dependability and durability
  • Eight hoisting speeds, four rotary speeds, and reverse for versatile operation
  • Air cylinder shifting
  • Available in Mechanical and DC-driven packages

Quality, Safety, and Service

Quality, service, and support. Bridges Equipment has built its reputation on the highest standards for reliability and performance, which is why you can find our drilling equipment on every major oil and natural gas field around the globe. When you choose a drawworks from Bridges, you can be sure that it will operate reliably and safely.

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