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Rotary Tables

Don’t let a bad rotary table put you in a twist. Your rotary table is at the center of your drill floor – make sure it’s a piece of equipment you can trust. Bridges Equipment carries new and rebuilt rotary tables from the most trusted brands on drilling rigs around the world, including:

  • National
  • Skytop Brewster
  • Gardner Denver
  • Continental Emsco
  • Ideco
  • And more

Rebuilt Rotary Tables You Can Trust

Rotary tables are the spinning section of the drill floor that applies torque to turn the drill string in the borehole. Problems with your rotary table can cause safety issues and long, costly drilling delays. When you buy a new or rebuilt rotary table from Bridges, you know it has been broken down to its elements and completely rebuilt to OEM standards, then tested to ensure it will exceed the highest standards of safety and performance. Don’t settle for a fresh coat of paint when your project is on the line.

Expertise and Experience

Bridges Equipment can be found on drilling projects around the world, and for good reason. More than 35 years of experience and expertise in the oilfields of the Permian Basin, and across the globe, have earned us a reputation for speed, service and quality. 


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Our Inventory

Continental Emsco

Continental Emsco Type ZP175

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National Style

National Type ZP375
National Type ZP275
National Type ZP205

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Gardner Denver


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Skytop Brewster


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